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Labradors are sociable, smart, loyal and emotional creatures which win million people’s hearts. In general, they are born as people pleasers and possess favorable virtues. Hence, if you’re breeding a Labrador Retriever, you’re so lucky. However, all dogs need coaching and training to become better versions, Labradors are no exception. If you’re a first-time breeder and fumbling about Labrador Retriever training tips, please take a look at this article and apply these tips below, I’m sure that keeping your dog in line is never that easy!

Labrador Retriever training tips

Labrador Retriever is highly trainable if you apply appropriate techniques. Grasping a thorough understanding of Labrador Retriever training tips below will help you to train your dog successfully.

Puppy Socialization

Socialization is an indispensable part of both human and animals as lacking social life could lead to physical and mental illnesses. With the nature of sociability, Labs have a stronger desire for socialization than anyone else. Puppy socialization is the process of adapting your dog to diverse environments and to be exposed to as many people as possible.

Labrador Retriever Training – Quick Learners

The most suitable time to get your dog socialize is when they can survive without depending their mother’s assistance. Don’t worry, socialization is highly beneficial for your puppies as they could learn to get accustomed to the new world, grow up themselves and transform into mature and robust versions.

In specific, you should take him to as many places as possible, introduce him to your acquaintances and create opportunities to make him get acquainted with them during his early months. Gradually, he will be getting used to meeting new friends and even strangers. Socialization not only increases and diversifies his experiences but also shores up his natural propensity to be approachable and easily accepting everyone.

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Apply Positive Reinforcement Training

This is a basic principle of all kind of puppies’ training and Labrador Retriever Training isn’t exceptional. “Spare the rod, spoil the child” could be an old and outdated idiom which is inappropriate in modern life. Nowadays, training with positive methods is much more popular and practical as it doesn’t cause harmful and negative impacts on the dogs.

Moreover, Labradors are eager to learn and play, they are also smart enough to differentiate right and wrong. Hence, Labrador Retrievers are ideal candidates to apply positive reinforcement training. Remember to always reward them food and compliments to encourage them after they perform well or have good behaviors. Please be noted that use a small treat to reward if you don’t want your Lab to become obese.

Once again, remember to treat your dog gently and kindly. Don’t beat him when he performs unwanted behavior as it injuries his nerve system. Therefore, instead of learning from the chastisement, he would rather become fearful and timid of you, which ultimately leads to undesired results.

Top 5 Tips For Effective Labrador Retriever Puppy Training

Try clicker training

Clicker training helps the dog to link with the “click-clack” sound with a treat. Labradors are food motivated and oriented, hence, using clicker training would be ideal for them. The brilliant part of the clicker is that after a long period of applying it, your dog will acknowledge that clicks come with the rewards, which is an enormous incentive for Labs. Finally, the “click-clack” sound sneaks in his subconsciousness and becomes his automatic reflex.

Give simple and short commands

Once again, even though Labradors are smart but they aren’t human being so they can’t handle language in the same way as us. Therefore, frittering away your precious time on lecturing your Labs isn’t a smart choice. Phrases like “OMG, you ruin my shoes, stop chewing the shoe idiot” or “stop biting the table, oh for the sake of god” are too complicated and difficult to understand. Instead of using long phrases, applying short but specific commands such as “No”, “Stop”, “Sit”, “Stand” is much more practical.

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Exercise everyday

Labs are surprisingly high-energy and active. But if you leave them to play alone, they will quickly become bored. This will pave the way to annoying and destructive behaviors including chewing, biting and digging. An hour of exercise will handle all complications as it could burn off your puppy’s energy. As the result, your dog will become calm and obedient.

Consider High-level training

As I mentioned before, Labs are high-energy creatures. Hence, they are the most joyful and well-behaved only when they have a job to do. Let your dog involve in dog sports and keep him busy.

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Become a good trainer

It is undeniable that you can’t train someone if you’re not good enough. First of all, you should be well-prepared. Before breeding and training a dog, you should equip yourself with sufficient knowledge relating to your dog’s nature, its diet and suitable training methods that were advised by experienced trainers and famous puppy blogs. The more well-informed you are, the better you know how to respond to distinct circumstances.

Secondly, purchase adequate equipment to train your dogs such as the clicker, the collar or the leash. Notably, the leash should be shorter than six feet in length and made of leather.

Last but not least, be patient in whatever circumstances. A few months dog is alike to a 4 years old baby, it will take a lot of time and effort to teach. In case your dog doesn’t follow your instruction, don’t lose your temper and scold at them. Even though he is still very young in age, he could feel the anger and easily feel self-pity.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you will find some useful Labrador Retriever Training Tips for your dog. Please comment down below to share your own experience and tips relating to dogs training and share this article if you find these tips above informative and easy to apply. Once again, thank you so much for spending your specious time to read this article. Wish you have the most meaningful and memorable moments with your beloved dog.

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