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Top 5 Tips For Effective Labrador Retriever Puppy Training

When you are training your Lab puppy there are five things that you just do not want him to ! These things include jumping, chewing, and digging, excessively barking, or pulling you when you take him for a walk. First, let’s look at jumping and how to nip that in the bud. Dogs jump up […]

Labrador Retriever Puppy Training – Here’s a Great Guide

Labrador retriever puppy training will need to be done from when you get your puppy home because if you don’t, when they turn into an adult dog they will be more likely to please themselves. Taking simple action and applying obedience training for dogs from the first minute they arrive at your house will set […]

Labrador Retriever Puppy Training – How to Train One!

A Labrador Retriever puppy training can be done so easily. Have you ever seen a Labrador or do you have one? My god, they are so cute these dogs. The great thing about these cute doggies is that they are very teachable, especially when they are at a young age. They make a great family […]

Labrador Retriever Training – Quick Learners

When it comes to Labrador retriever training it is a lot easier than any other dog. You did well in picking a dog that is eager to learn and happy to please, this makes them a highly trainable breed. From the basic commands to the more advanced tricks, these dogs are very intelligent and are […]

Top 7 Effective Labrador Retriever Training Tips

Labradors are sociable, smart, loyal and emotional creatures which win million people’s hearts. In general, they are born as people pleasers and possess favorable virtues. Hence, if you’re breeding a Labrador Retriever, you’re so lucky. However, all dogs need coaching and training to become better versions, Labradors are no exception. If you’re a first-time breeder […]