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When it comes to Labrador retriever training it is a lot easier than any other dog. You did well in picking a dog that is eager to learn and happy to please, this makes them a highly trainable breed. From the basic commands to the more advanced tricks, these dogs are very intelligent and are not hard to train to the perfect house dog.

With Labrador retriever training it is important as with any dog that you start the training as soon as you get them. Take the puppy outside as soon as you are home and set him on the grass to go potty. If the puppy is taking to long, run around with him as this will move their bladder more and make them have to go sooner.

Top 7 Effective Labrador Retriever Training Tips

Labrador retriever training can be easy if you just stay consistent with them. Be sure that only one person takes the time to train the dog. Having multiple people attempting to train the dog will only confuse them and make training much more difficult. Use the same commands for the same action every time. Getting mad at the puppy while in training is not the way to be. Be patient as they are trying to learn and understand them.

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If you want a trick for your Labrador retriever training, use treats for when they are good and follow a command. It has been shown in studies that dogs respond faster to treats in their training. If the puppy followed a command, praise them and give them a treat. The puppy will want to perform the same action again and again if they know they get a treat.

Keep your consistency with Labrador retriever training and you are guaranteed to have a great family dog. Some owners do not correct a puppy when they jump up on people thinking that if they ignore it, they will just grow out of it. This is totally incorrect, be firm when the puppy jumps up on people or you will have a dog that is not company friendly.

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