6 Little Facts and Quirks About French Bulldog

The world has become mechanical and mundane. People have become selfish and only remember you when they need you. When you come back to your home from a hectic day at your office and nobody is there to greet you and ask you how your day was. It is a gloomy sight, isn’t it? Well, you can change this situation around and go adopt a dog.

Dogs! A man’s best friend! And that is said rightly, no other animal shares such a strong bond with us as dogs do. If you want a dog who is funny, energetic, comical and amiable, then you should blindly adopt a French bulldog. But why should you believe me on this, right? So let me give you all the right reasons and prove my point.

  • 1. They are cute

Small head with big eyes and extra-large ears, how can you even resist yourself without petting them? People argue whether they are cute or not, but trust me, hold a puppy in your arms and then evaluate that for yourself. The cute, big puppy eyes, looking at you with all the love in this world will enforce my point of view on you.

  • 2. They are friendly

French bulldogs are friendly and funny. They get along really well with other humans and other breeds of dogs. They are really caring and affectionate. This makes them a great companion. Hanging out with them is a great experience.

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  • 3. They are British

Well, technically, they have their roots in England, so that makes them British. They are related to English Bulldogs and found their way to France. Whatever their roots may be, we can all agree that they are just adorable.

  • 4. They are easy to train

Not only are they easy to be around, you can also train them easily. These dogs are very obedient. They are also very curious about what you are trying to teach them and that makes them very easy to train. If you watch any competition related to dogs, you can find a plethora of French Bulldogs in there, well, for obvious reasons.

  • 5. They are stubborn

They are very cute and adorable and sometimes we wish we could just squish them with our love. But hold on! You shouldn’t be doing that. They are still bulldogs despite their soft and adorable exteriors. They can be stubborn sometimes and also become bossy when you try to spoil your dog way too much than you are supposed to.

  • 6. They talk

Well, not technically. The breed is not known for barking too much. Instead, they have their own form of communication formed of different gestures like yawning and gargling and making different sounds. It looks as if they are trying to talk to you. Seeing your pet creating special gestures just for you to communicate with you, is a great feeling to experience.

I have listed all the cute little facts and quirks about the French bulldog and I hope your heart has melted as it should have. So, go out there and adopt your buddy right now!

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