Training Tips To Make Your French Bulldog To Be A Winner In All Areas

The only way you can enjoy having a dog as a pet regardless of its breed is to properly train it in the critical areas. French bulldogs are very popular pets probably because of how intelligent they are. With their high intelligence, training is not as hard but you may never know how stubborn your bulldog is until you start training. But even with the most stubborn of French bulldogs, a little kindness, patience and practice should yield very good fruits.

Housebreaking your bulldog

If you would rather have it toilet outdoors, never allow it to get familiar with indoor toileting from the word go. Choose a spot outdoors and immediately introduce it before even making your way inside. Stay long enough on the spot till it defecates or urinates.

Now that you have introduced the spot immediately, be on the lookout for signs that it needs to go. The most common signs include barking, pacing, sniffing around, panting and wandering off to an area that is quiet.

The Basics Of Training French Bulldog

In case you are too late to pick the signs, clean its mess immediately and use a cleaner that completely removes the scent to avoid return. Ensure you do not scold or hot the dog for the mess.

If need be, use a crate to make housebreaking easier for the bulldog. The crate should be big enough for the dog for proper standing inside without hunching the back. With regular trips to the crate, learning is easy for the dog.

Social training your French Bulldog

As soon as you bring the dog home, expose it to members of your household since it will be part of the family thereon. Never shield it from noisy activities of members who are a little too energetic. Instead, try making the noises non-threatening.

To introduce it to other sounds and sights try taking it for a ride now and then until it is comfortable during the rides. Taking it to the park is another great way of helping it interact with other humans and dogs alike. As long as it has received all its vaccines then there should be nothing to worry about.

Training basic commands

For young French bulldogs, let the training sessions be short but effective. Sessions as short as five minutes should suffice for the pups; you can increase length as they get older and familiar. Ensure the dog is not hungry during training for better focus and start with simple commands the graduate to the complex ones.

For sit commands ensure the dog is in front of you and have a treat in hand visible to it then use a friendly voice to command it to sit as you push its bottom down till its sits. You can then offer the treat immediately and repeat the process.

For come commands its best to train when the dog is playing so they think you want to play hence run to you. Simply crouch down and slap your thighs then ask them to come using a friendly voice. Reward obedience immediately and repeat as necessary.

With similar approaches you can train the French bulldog to stop biting, lie down, stay and even stop barking.

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