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The French bulldog has very unique looks and sports muscular body, relaxed attitude, playful and very smart. The intelligence and playful nature of the dog makes it highly trainable and with a little effort you will manage to get the best from your dog. This bulldog can be stubborn probably because of its freethinking approach but with proper systematic training you will have a very reliable mannered companion.

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Why train?

Considering that the French bulldog is free spirited and quite loving, lack of training could leave them inactive just lounging on the sofa. They could also become very stubborn and become too possessive of their owners. Training and socializing your do makes it easier for it to relate with everyone and everything without going overboard.

Training Tips To Make Your French Bulldog To Be A Winner In All Areas

Training equipment

The comprehensive training equipment and accessories for dogs available in the market makes training your French bulldog even easier. Some of the most useful you should consider are leashes, harnesses and collars as well as clickers. By associating with the equipment with good behavior consistently the dog eventually learns to obey. You can also throw in rewards and treats to complete your journey of reinforcing good behavior positively.

When you decide to introduce a collar or leash for the dog, let it be gradual until they are comfortable. You also want to ensure that they do not inflict any pain on the dog. Ensuring the dog is on leash or has the collar even when at home is an easy way of helping it adjust.

Training methods

Alpha leadership position method is one of the best you can use on a French bulldog. It should know that you are the alpha leader as soon as possible to instill respect in their minds. With this approach listening and obeying commands is easy for the dog. Without this position you will have disruptive unruly behavior to deal with. A simple way to achieve this is to make your dog do things last such as eating after everyone else has eaten.

There is also the reward training method is also a very good approach with French bulldogs. When you offer rewards you eliminate resistance when trying to instill good behavior in your dog. The rewards should however be regulated and offered only for good behavior during training. Considering that attention span of dogs is limited, let the training sessions be quick but proper.

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The dos and don’ts of training your French Bulldog

  • Do train your dog gently. Use a friendly voice but firm whenever necessary.
  • Do use positive reinforcement so that the desired behavior is achieved in the end.
  • Do call the dog by its name when requiring its attention.
  • Do start training as soon as you get your dog especially as far as toileting goes.
  • Don’t yell at the dog no matter how bad behaved it is.
  • Don’t overuse the rewards and never offer them for undesirable behavior in an attempt to calm your dog down.
  • Don’t be too hard on your dog; patience and consistence is important to finally have a well-trained dog.

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