Top 6 American Pit Bull Terrier Training Tips for Pit Bull Lovers

Even though American Pit Bull Terriers gain a bad reputation, the truths about this animal are contrary to our perception. They are one of the most loyal, adorable, smart and trustworthy dogs in all over the world. As a Pit Bull trainer, I received tons of question-related to American Pit Bull Terriers training tips, hence, today I’m writing down this article for the Pit Bull lovers out there to clear up your queries. Hope you found this article informative and constructive.

Top 6 American Pit Bull Terrier Training Tips

American Pit Bull Terrier is highly smart, fun-loving and trainable. Let’s take a look at Top 6 American Pit Bull Terrier training tips to learn how to train your dog appropriately.

Apply positive training techniques only

Animals have a strong demand for being treated kind-heartedly and gently by their owners, and American Pit Bull isn’t exceptional. In addition, the owner plays an important role in forming the dog’s characters as the characters of a dog are gradually built by the way the owner behaves towards them.

For example, if you treat them aggressively and hot-tempered, your dog will definitely take after your behaviors. Therefore, remember to treat him the way you want to be treated. Nothing is bigger than the power of love and sympathy. Maybe your dog could have a bunch of undesired behaviors such as go for a pee in an improper place, bite off your shoes or even bite the strangers. You should understand that no one is perfect if you spend your specious time to raise a dog, why not patiently and mildly teach him.

Instead of using physical punishments to train them, you should have a crack at rewarding them at times they behave properly and obediently. Furthermore, while teaching them, you should use assertive manners to make sure he understands you’re the boss. Positive training techniques will prevent your dog from turning into fearful and belligerent.

Allow your dog to approach his social life as soon as possible

One of the most heard American Pit Bull Terriers training tips is letting your dog have their own social life. As a human being, puppies have a strong desire to be socialized significantly as soon as possible (at seven weeks old is a perfect moment). Shortage of socialization can cause various drawbacks such as aggression, unfriendliness or even being territorial. Otherwise, they also need to be educated on how to keep calm and be mild-mannered.

There is obvious that training is obligated and necessary for American Pit Bull Terriers but notably, they are sensitive and hurt easily when yelled at. Therefore, you should train them with kindness.

Be consistent

I completely understand that life isn’t a smooth and flat road, especially in this hustle and bustle world, you could easily get into a temper when coming back home after a long and stressful working day and seeing your house as a messy because your dog chewed wood and broke down your furniture. But in this case, consistency is a key. Your puppy is capable of analyzing and apprehending your body and facial language to decide on whether or not he’s acting properly, hence, make sure to behave consistently and speak wisely to your dog.

Imagine that your dog is a 5-year-old baby, if you scold and yell at him every time he makes mistake, you could create harmful impacts on his and he will have a tendency of acting adversely to what you say.

Allow your dog to play and entertain satisfactorily

Dogs are fun-loving, active and emotional at the same time, hence, they could easily stuck into depression if you leave them alone in a house. Do you remember how happy your dog is when he sees you coming back home every evening? He continuously waves his tail, leaps for joy and hugs you to express how much he misses you. Therefore, when you have free time, you should give him toys and play with him or go for a jog with him. Exercising every day not only helps him to increase his health but also boosts their positive energy. What is more, for your boss, maybe you’re just a normal worker, but for your puppy, you’re his whole world.

Start your training as soon as possible

There is a truth that dogs are able to acknowledge since they were just babies. At the result, training and coaching them at an early stage is crucial to preventing undesired behaviors as once those unwanted behaviors appear, they’re extremely difficult to change. For example, you are used to biting your nails when you were 5 years old, it will take a lot of time, effort and determination to quit off your bad habit. You should use hedges, crates, etc to create boundaries since your dog was small.

Use a crate

Some people tend to use a crate to lock their dog out as a punishment. Actually, it’s cool at all. Instead of using a crate as a jail, why not turn it into a safe haven for your puppy to relax and enjoy peaceful moments when he’s too tired to play. As people need their own space, dog either. What is more, you should decorate your dog’s own home; it not only brightens your house but also strengthens the bond between you and your pet.


I do hope that after reading these American Pit Bull Terrier training tips, you could apply successfully some tips in this article. Please comment down below your own experience, tips and share this article if you find it helpful and informative. Please don’t forget to like and follow my blog to stay updated other useful posts. Once again, thank you so much for spending your specious time to read my article and wish you all the best.

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