The Rottweiler - Some of the Oldest Working Dogs of History 2

The Rottweiler – Some of the Oldest Working Dogs of History

The Rottweil Metzgerhund (butcher’s dog of Rottweil), known commonly today as the Rottweiler, is a stout, sturdy dog, bred for its exceptional power. It’s a short coat with patches of tan round the muzzle and paws. The Rottweiler has a long history as a dog, and this is reflected by it’s name.

The breed is descended from the working dogs of the early roman empire that herded cattle and pulled carts full of meat and produce along common trade routes. 1 path led to the city of Rottweil. The strain worked to drive and protect cattle before the organization of the industrial era and the growth of locomotives left them obsolete for this function.

Knowing More About Rottweiler Dogs

But, the strength and flexibility of this Rottweiler made it perfect for other tasks and were among the few herding breeds, together with the German Shepherd, who found work with police forces and as guard dogs.

The Rottweiler – Facts From Fiction

The Rottweiler has the unfortunate reputation of being a vicious strain. The muscular look of the dog is a factor in their portrayal by the media, as being second to be named in attacks against individuals, just short of their 45, but studies also have rated Rottweilers. As with all dogs, acts of aggression towards humans are the owner’s fault, and the breed’s appearance may play a role in attracting owners who may prefer a pet that is barbarous or frightening. A Rottweiler with a responsible owner ought to be alert, obedient and loyal.

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