Why Not Golden Retriever Adoption?

It’s hard not to like a golden retriever. And if you were considering Golden retriever adoption then you probably already know this. As it turns out it’s also hard for the Golden retriever not to like you. Golden retrievers by their nature like to please people. They have a very calm and likable manner. Golden retrievers are a very warm friendly and fun loving dog.

But did you know that this dog also make excellent service dogs? This is because they are a highly intelligent and capable of being trained in all manner of different types of services. This includes some more obvious ones such as providing services to the differently abled. But also includes things like search and rescue and drug sniffing.

One of the reasons that they are so good at these types of things is because they like to genuinely please humans. This was part of their original breeding as a gun dog and hunting assistant. One of the other reasons that they are so good at this sort of thing is because they enjoy a mental challenge. For example assisting someone crossing the road requires the dog knows when it’s safe to proceed and when it’s not. This ability requires a certain amount of mental ability.

However, if you are looking to adopt a golden retriever, you probably aren’t planning to use it as a service dog. You are probably planning to use it as a family dog. This is another area with a golden retriever shines. Golden retrievers love to play with kids. They love to be active and busy and around people as much as possible.

Golden Retriever Dogs – Falling in Love With Them Is the Easiest Thing in the World!

It’s good to remember that Goldy is a dog and the dog is not a person. Dogs have needs and requirements that are specific to dogs. One of the biggest requirements for Golden retrievers is that they must have a lot of company. This is not a dog that you want to buy if you are not at home very much or if your family is not at home very much. They will become bored and begin to chew your stuff.

Also, exercise is a very important component of golden retriever ownership. A golden retriever needs to be walked at least 45 min. to an hour per day. This cannot be a leisurely walk but should be a brisk energy burning walk that gets the dog into a balanced physical state. Most of the problems that people have with dogs in my opinion arise from the fact that the dog is not properly exercised.

You must also keep in mind that due to the natural intelligence of your Golden you need to provide him or her with some mental challenges. This can be as simple as some of the more sophisticated dog toys that are available at pet stores as well as some simple games that you can play with your dog. This can be something as simple as hiding a treat or toy underneath something that your dog can then retrieve.
You must also bear in mind that a golden is a very person friendly dog. This means that this is not a dog that you want to try to use as a watchdog. Your retriever will very happily welcome anyone, burglar or otherwise, into your home.

Another point to consider is that your Golden is a little bit of a pig. By this I mean you must control the amount of calories that you give your dog. This is a dog that will eat and eat and eat so you must be careful because they also tend to put on weight. This tends to be more of concern for older dogs rather than younger ones. This is simply because younger dogs have a lot more energy and ten to be a lot more active.

Another thing to consider with Goldy is that her coat, while beautiful, must also be groomed approximately twice per week. This is not an onerous requirement especially if you like dogs. And this is something that one of your children can do and enjoy spending time with the dog. There are some scraggly hairs around the dog’s nether regions should be clipped as well.

Golden retriever adoption is a fantastic thing to do. They are a friendly dog, a social dog and a super family dog.

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