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Like any other dog, your Chihuahua enters your life as a puppy -a common encountered scenario, of course! From day one you need to start bonding with him, to make your connection as strong as possible and to establish the foundation on which your future actions will be build on. If you’re living alone, only with your dog, then you have to realize that you are the entire world for him.

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Just as if you’re taking care of a baby, you need to establish the right schedule for his meals, his walks or his baths; also, the affection you will show him and the attention given to him are the paths to form its loyalty towards you. If you’re working, don’t forget to remember that you have somebody waiting for you back home; when you had a tiresome workday and you return home, your little Chihuahua will be there at the door, prepared to relax you by taking him for a walk, or simply to watch TV with him. Of course, let’s remind ourselves that your dog is a living creature and even if you made a schedule for his daily activities, that does not mean that from time to time he won’t break your plans.

7 Tips You Must Know Before Training Your Chihuahua

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Be careful how you raise him: a dog shares similarities with his master. Don’t even try to teach him various actions by violence or by shouting at him; Chihuahua already have a nervous temperament and they’re quite aggressive when it comes to their territory; implementing a relationship based on fear won’t give you any results on the long term; you want a best friend, not a cold hearted assassin!

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