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When you were watching that movie last night, you may have seen a Labrador Retriever or Husky or some sort of Terrier. The question that you thought of is – ‘Is my Beagle ready to be in the movies?’ Okay, your groomer has said that your Beagle is just the cutest dog they can imagine. That critter even knows how and when to mug for the camera, a regular scene stealer with a personality that would have given Lassie a good run for her money.

Training is essential

Okay, but he needs one more thing. In order for your Beagle to be the next star canine in a real Hollywood movie, your pooch can’t just look good. Your Beagle will have to be well trained and know, not just the basics, but a few great tricks for the tryouts. Most of the scenes you see dogs doing on TV look so great because Hollywood has a way of putting the dog’s tricks to good use and making the shots work. They combine them as a series of tricks into a final production that works for a particular scene very well.

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Tricks are impressive

It’s the basic tricks that are going to impress the casting director. There are many training facilities that offer the classes required to get your Beagle the skills that are needed by dog actors. Almost everything that dogs do in the movies are fairly easy tricks. Most of the common tricks that your Beagle will need to do on demand are bow, play dead, wave, roll over, speak on cue, hide your eyes, find it, crawl, back up, touch the target, sneeze, pray and whine.

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Some obstacles you need to overcome

Learning all of the skills might be the easy part of getting ready for the movies. The tough one for lots of dogs is working surrounded by many strangers and a lot of distractions. Also, in most cases, your Beagle will need to follow the lead of the set’s dog trainer, not you. These are some daunting obstacles for some Beagles and their owners. If you have a Beagle that can not only learn all the tricks, but also the Hollywood basics of working with strangers on film sets without forgetting everything you taught him, you might just have a Beagle that can act like Benji.

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Ready for prime time

Alright, so your Beagle puppy is ready and willing to act in the movies. What is your next step? The best thing to do is put together a compelling portfolio for him. It should include recent photos, his list of skills and tricks, training and hopefully some great videos of your Beagle doing some of his best tricks. Many of the training schools for movie dogs will help you get your Beagle into the industry. Don’t forget there is a lot of ad work and commercial work for your aspiring mutt to shoot for also.

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What if he doesn’t make it?

Now for the very last detail. Your Beagle adores you (hopefully, the feeling is mutual). If your Beagle does not take to this and does not want to be a television star, your Beagle will tell you about it. Listen to your pal and keep things fun for him.

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