Dog Beagle with a stick on a green field during spring runs towards camera

Beagle Training: How To Make A Good Dog Better

One of the most popular dog breeds in the world is the beagle. WIth its distinctive colorized coat and the positive sweet nature, who wouldn’t want such a fun companion? In fact, since you are reading this article, you may already have a beagle buddy, or are at least considering getting one.

Although they are great pets, if they are not trained properly they can get a little our of hand and become a source of frustration instead of pleasure. To avoid this from happening to you, there are some measures to take in order to train them to be well mannered puppy dogs and be a beloved family member. There are a number of methods for training a dog, just pick one that suits your personality and go with it.

How To Stop Beagle Barking Problems

The important thing is that you do the work no matter the beagle training method you choose. You must understand the type of work you will be doing prior to starting because the dog needs consistency otherwise they will become confused and it will prolong your efforts. As you pick up the skill, and your puppy begins to understand the nature of training then learning new things will become a breeze.

Training beagles means that an owner must very closely supervise the puppy. This can not be overlooked. Correction of improper behavior and rewarding of correct manners instantly is critical to fast learning. By simply being on top of things an owner can correct the puppy and build a loving but leading bond.

This breed of dog has an abundance of energy. If they don’t have enough activity then this ball of energy can be tough to handle. Give your dog plenty of physical challenges to help burn off the energy. Beagles are very smart, making it easy to train them so doing a combination of exercise and training should prove easy.

Beagle Training – Get Your Beagle Ready For Hollywood!

One of the first things you will need to begin instructing a new puppy is potty training. If this is neglected you will be in quite a mess! I have hound that one of the most popular training tips for this is to use the crate method. The crate is not a method of punishment, rather is it their den, a safe haven that is instinctual to keep free of bathroom mess. It is critical to keep the crate as a positive connotation otherwise it ceases to work.

With a reward system in place, beagle training is extremely effective. You can provide treats, but be careful not to over do it. Positive feed back through scratching the ears or playing a quick game of fetch is just as good of a reward. Ice cubes work great with some dogs too! The importance is to show your puppy that you are pleased with their behavior, thereby reinforcing their want to do it again. What motivation is stronger than seeking the love and accolades from your favorite person?

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