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Even though I have had a long history with dogs I did not become a real dog lover and owner until recently. Although I was always impressed by how smart police dogs were I never thought in my wildest dreams I would own a German shepherd.

In the Islands the German shepherd is still called an Alsatian and is one of the most respected dogs in the country to this day. Since becoming a dog lover I like to talk about German shepherds and how I acquired the little love of my life.

What impressive dogs the German shepherds are; highly intelligent, strong, loyal dogs that looks nice, or is a nice looking dog. Most often employed by the military and police for search and rescue missions, they are known for being the best bred dogs for working. Some of their great characteristics are that they are extremely loyal towards their owners and people they are familiar with even children but they also can become very much attached and show aggression towards people they do not know.

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These dogs are known to have two coats, the bottom or undercoat is made up of short hairs that are not shed often, while the outer or top coat sheds constantly to shows the short or medium hairs, with the long hairs being less common.

Dog Breeds – The German Shepherd Dog

I acquired my German shepherd at work one day when one of the young men I worked with mentioned to a group of ladies that his neighbor’s dog and her two, two-month old puppies jumped into his pool. He said that his neighbor did not really want to keep the puppies because someone else’s dog mated their dog unknown to them and they did not need too many dogs, so they wanted to give them away.

Needless to say the pups were to be given away and all the ladies were excited inquiring as to what type of pups they were. Since ladies seem to prefer smaller breed dogs he was calling out smaller dog breed names and seemingly the two dogs had found new owners among the staff.

The young man agreed to bring the pups in to work to their new owners as there were two dogs to be given away. When the ladies saw that the dogs were not the smaller breed dogs they were expecting excitement and interest disappeared because instead these pups were German shepherd mix. German Shepherds are large-breed dogs that are generally between 22 and 26 inches long, and their ideal height is 25 inches. Those ladies did not want the big type dogs because these dogs weigh between 49 and 95 pounds. One dog ended up getting an owner from the ladies who had promised to take them. The other pup was in a box waiting, hoping someone would want to take her home.

After coming out of a meeting the night in question that the young man brought the dogs, I saw him standing in the lobby looking bewildered with a box containing the one remaining dog. When I inquired as to why he was still at work he said he did not know what to do with the pup no one wanted and he did not want to take it back home to his neighbor because the dog would be given to an animal shelter.

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I was still not an actual “dog lover” but I agreed to take the frightened little German shepherd pup home to my two sons. My boys had been asking for a dog for years but I never wanted to get one until they were old enough and would be responsible for taking care of it.

Are Better Protection Dogs Made by American German Shepherds?

When I called and told my boys I was bringing a puppy home they dismissed the thought quickly because they never believed I would bring a dog into the house. Remember, as an Islander we never bring dogs inside the house, but that nigh I did. No sooner I arrived at the house with the little frightened puppy, my sons promptly took her and lovingly gave her a bath.

We named our little shepherd mix Nahla who is now going on seven months. The boys are doing very well training the dog. She has a great temperament for our family and she is a sweet, loving dog.

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