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The chow chow dog breed is very famous and its origin is Northern China. It is a cute canine that can grow up to seventeen to twenty inches at the shoulder. At adulthood, this animal weighs between forty to seventy lbs. It boasts the longest history having been around for over two thousand years. Even now, a chow chow for sale is available on many related websites. If you truly feel this is the right pet, then all you have to do now is to order a puppy.

In the olden times, this was a very useful hunter, herder, and protector. He was also a pulling animal. Today, chow owners do not have these tough tasks for him. This beautiful animal is simply a pet and companion. This noble breed looks much like a lion and his beauty is irresistible. The coat can be soft or rough, but the rough coat is long, straight and thick. It is also widespread than the soft-coated animal with a thick outer coat and an undercoat, which usually is short.

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Its coat colors include red, cinnamon, blue, cream or black and its tongue is blue-blackish. Note that the red-haired chow chows are prevalent and some have lighter mahogany-like red. Additionally, chow is quite reserved. He or she can be somewhat snobbish when he or she wants to have things his way. In short, chow-chow can sometimes behave as a cat when moody, and in such a moment, he or she does not desire to entertain others. Despite being a very independent canine, chow is very respectful.

He or she makes a wonderful friend if one is willing to train him or her properly. Thus, if you are looking for a chow chow for sale, you should arm yourself with knowledge about this dog. It learns quickly about good behavior and how to handle small children. In case your desire is to quiet animal understands that its master is really the head of the home. It plays its watchdog role very well because being protective is a natural skill in this breed.

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As soon as chow senses danger or sees strangers, he or she will bark to notify the humans. This shows that these dogs bark only when it is necessary to do so. Health is an issue that most people want to consider before ordering a puppy. Do not ignore doing this too. Chows enjoy good health and some of them can live for approximately fifteen years. Ensure that you select a good breeder because you get an assurance that your puppy is strong.

Today, many dog-breeding experts are doing business on the Internet. Not all of them are genuine all the same, and it is up to you to know which website is reliable. To know a reputable breeder, look for testimonials and reviews. Other shoppers that used a given a chow chow for sale service usually write reviews to share their experiences. Read any useful information that each website provides before you can spend your money.

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