Simple Yorkshire Terriers Training Tips




Simple Yorkshire Terriers Training Tips

Yorkshire terrier can be quite stubborn and for those who owns one, it is important to look after these habits of the dog. Yorkshire terrier training should certainly be filled with enjoyment for both the dog and the owner with the satisfaction from the outcome. You need to remember some of the tips while training your yorkie.

1. There should be commitment while training your Yorkshire terrier and you have to be engaged in the training each and every day. You have to make sure that the training is conducting regularly. Remember that your yorkie have very little attention span. So you have to train your dog frequently or daily.

2. The next idea you can select while training could be treats. Treat can be the way of rewarding your dog whenever he does something correct as you have commanded. They will make up their mind that if they do the task correctly then they will get the treat and hence they will continue doing same in the future. Do this activity repeatedly during the training phase.

3. Next you have to maintain your firm voice while reprimanding your dog. It is important to let them know that their tasks are undesired when they do one of the tasks. Whenever you use the firm tone, they will know who the boss exactly is and hence will not repeat the same action again.

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4. In between each Yorkshire terrier training sessions, you have to give your dog plenty of play times. They can learn quickly and take up your commands more efficiently if you allow them for some recess. So you can maintain a schedule to train your puppy.

5. Train your dog when you two are alone. This is most important is that there should not be any other distractions while training your dog. As they have short memory, so anything can grab their attention compromising on the training.

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6. Make sure that you only give them one command at a time. You also have to focus on the single command rather than teaching them many. Before moving to next commands check with some test whether they have remembered the previous lesson or not. You must wait until your dog has learned the command. If not then start the same lesson once again.

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7. At last, only use the same word for the single command. Don’t use different word for the same task. For example, if you want your yorkie to sit then only use sit word and don’t use other words that will confuse the dog.

So, the Yorkshire terrier training must be filled with lots of enjoyment for both the owner and the dog. It will not be effective if there is no any fun in the training. Therefore they you must have a good time to teach your yorkie.

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