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A Labrador Retriever puppy training can be done so easily. Have you ever seen a Labrador or do you have one? My god, they are so cute these dogs. The great thing about these cute doggies is that they are very teachable, especially when they are at a young age. They make a great family pet, and if you have kids they will love him or her. How do you train a Labrador? Below, are tips that will show you so continue reading!

* The very first thing you should do in a Labrador Retriever puppy training is take them out a lot. Why? Let them see the world that way they can get use to so many different places for they can feel comfortable no matter where you go.

* The next part in a Labrador Retriever puppy training is take them outside everyday and play with them. They have so much energy so taking them outside will let them release all that energy. People often ask, when is the best time to toilet train them? At an early age is when you want to do this, because this is when they are the most teachable. You need to make sure to take them outside before they do it inside the house, and choose a certain location where they will do it. Once, they go to the location and don’t do it in the house you have to congratulate them. In other words, use positive words to build up their self esteem.

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* In a Labrador Retriever puppy training consistency is so important. When you are teaching them to sit and stay say it consistently that way they learn what this is. Also, when you are training them use their name because they will think that every time you say their name it is for a command and they will listen more. Again, use positive words and reward them with something when they do what you tell them to do. In the beginning of the training reward them a lot, but as they continue to learn from the training reward them less. The reason why you reward them less is because you don’t want them to think that with every command they will be rewarded. Not everything in life is a reward, unfortunately, lol.

Labrador Retriever Puppy Training – Here’s a Great Guide

* When you are teaching them to sit in a Labrador Retriever puppy training hold the reward that you will give them in your hand where they can see it. Then move the reward you have for them over their head starting from the front and say to them sit. When they do sit give them the reward. Once, they learn this you can put the bowl they eat from on the ground and tell them to sit again. They should be able to sit now with no problem.

* Now, when you are teaching them to come in a Labrador Retriever puppy training you can whistle or use a whistle for them. If they do come give them a treat.

* In the Labrador Retriever puppy training, these dogs love to pull on the leash. You can practice telling them to sit while on the leash, and this should help them to stop pulling.

* Last, but not least in a Labrador Retriever puppy training is teaching them how to fetch. This is so simple, all you have to do is throw a ball and tell them to fetch it. If they do and bring you back the ball reward them.

Top 5 Tips For Effective Labrador Retriever Puppy Training

As you can see my friends, a Labrador Retriever puppy training can be done so easily and you will get success if you follow these tips. Please always keep in mind when you do this training that you do it with a lot of TLC – Tender Loving Care!

All the best!

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