How to Choose a Golden Retriever?




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If you are interested in the breed and you want to have such a puppy you are in the right place.

If you are sure that it is the right dog for you,then it’s time to find out where you can choose the right dog and what exactly do you have to find.

You should make your choice according to your needs. Do you need an exhibition dog or just a pet? It is your choice. Your puppy should have a good character. Breeders seldom sell puppies who have not reached 8 or 10 weeks. This is the acceptable age at which most breeders sell their dogs.

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As you probably want golden retriever as home and not as hunting dog. You just have to choose a wonderful and friendly puppy. You should be careful with the too aggressive puppies, especially with the little nervous golden retrievers.

What should be the sex of your dog depends only on your preference, although people who work with the golden retrievers believe that female dogs are cleverer, and friendly, and loyal to their owners. Males learn slower but they remember longer. The difference in height is noticeable but it is not important.

Normally breeders let visitors choose a puppy about the fifth or sixth week since it’s born and you can take it home two weeks later. This is because the puppies learn from their mother until the eighth a breeder lets you take your new dog earlier, then he is more interested in money, than in puppy’s good living.

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After you think over all of these factors you should have already taken many important decisions about your choice. You have chosen golden retriever which means that you know exactly what you want from a dog and what is the best breed for you and your family, your way of life.

Another important aspect of choosing a puppy is its family tree or register certificate. People often mistake them. Family tree of your puppy is just a document of its ancestors two or three generations back. Your breeder or seller should give you a register identifying documents for your puppy: it’s breed, sex, color, date of birth, names and register numbers of its parents.

These are the most important things you should consider when buying a golden retriever puppy. It should be clear that it is a great responsibility to have a dog at home and some people even compare it to having a baby.

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