Golden Retriever Health – Top Health Issues To Be Conscious of

Golden Retrievers are dogs. Is the requirement to pay attention to Golden Retriever health. If you pay attention you will have a long happy relationship. Your dog will look and feel good and be willing to obey the leader of the pack, you.

The first step in gold health care is a visit to the veterinarian when it’s still a puppy. It will need health checkups and timed vaccinations. Along with this, provide the training you will have to feed your golden nutritious food, grooming and exercise. At least once every year, young dogs should visit the veterinarian. To preserve Golden health, it is recommended that seniors and the vet visit twice each year.

The most vaccinations that are recommended for Golden Retriever health are:




Kennel cough


Para influenza

Explore follow their recommendations and the needs with your vet. There are various opinions on what vaccinations older dogs need to be given. Rabies vaccinations are arranged by law, and may only be administered by a vet.

Parasites are another issue in Golden Retriever health. That heavy coat can hide a lot of parasites and other issues . Things like mange mites, lice, foxtails, ringworm, ticks and fleas are a danger. Ticks are carriers of Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Fleas should be avoided with preventatives or with effective home remedies. Your home and lawn will also have to be treated, if your dog has fleas.

Internal parasites are another issue in their wellbeing. Worms such as hookworms, heartworms, tapeworms, roundworms and whipworms will need to be dealt with. Your vet can check for all of them.

Golden Retriever Health Problems

Every breed of dog has issues that they’re predisposed to. Some of the issues with goldens are:


Elbow dysplasia

Hip dysplasia


Lick sores

Hot spots

Some health problems are systemic. Digestive problems

Eye problems such as cataracts

Ear problems

Heart problems

Problems; including gums mouth and teeth

Reproductive issues

System problems include bladder stones, kidney stones, cystitis.

Goldens are predisposed to some diseases which are associated with humans.





There are a few problems that need to be avoided rather than having to institute a cure. Obesity falls into that category. Obesity can become a major health concern and is increasing in puppies. Goldens love to consume. Their beautiful expression makes it tough to say no. The dog’s lifestyle is impacted by obesity. Quality will be diminished and obesity can shortens their lives. It also predisposes them. A dog is considered to be obese if their weight is than their body weight.

Golden Retriever health tip. Keep a check. If you don’t find a waist and cannot feel the ribs, it is likely that your dog. This can affect your dog’s heart. Pudgy isn’t cute, it’s a threat to your dog.

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