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Dachshund puppies attract a wider variety of owners with their comical personalities. They can be known as the clowns of the family. Loyalty is key when understanding this type of breed and makes it a great family pet. Lots of attention and games are demanded by all varieties of dachshund puppies.

These little dogs are known for their short legs and long bodies. Dachshund puppies are very lovable animals but do require care when handling. Their backs are very sensitive and can sustain injury. As a general rule you will want to limit these dogs from jumping onto and off of high objects. These type of limits may seem over board but when considering dachshund puppies as an addition to your family must be taken into account. Your pups back will need to last him a long time as they have been known to have life spans of up to and sometimes longer than twenty years. Dachshund puppies will be around for a long time so this simple fact is something you will want to think about as their life span is literally twice as long as well known breeds.

Many consider these dogs to be one of the most perfectly bread hunting dogs. Obviously the size of the game you are hunting needs to be with in the dachshund puppies realm for this to be an appropriate title. The main focus of this little hunters fury were once the mighty badger. The name alone, dachshund, literally means ‘badger hunter.’ If you think about it, dachshund puppies were built for such a tall order. When a badger wakes up from his nap in that confined burrow of his, he is faced with a long snout that is equipped with many long sharp teeth. In the smallness of a burrow or tunnel the over sized ears give the dog the appearance of being larger than they really are. They are backed up with that long narrow sturdy back. The dachshunds foundation is the short powerful hind legs that make him quite formidable in tight spots. Finally, the dachshund has a long tail that enable their owners to reach down that burrow and pull out the dog if that badger sounds like he is getting the best of him.

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Training dachshunds can be a task and formal obedience training is always plus. The effects of having a trained dog handler work with your dogs can lay a great foundation. You must be sure to keep close attention to the way the dog training handles your dog so that you are able to apply these same techniques outside of class. Be consistent in applying the proper technique and you’ll have a much happier dog. Dachshund puppies do require exercise and should be taken on daily walks. A leash is always recommended as they are hunting dogs and can be known to chase and can quickly be out of reach. Dachshund puppies make great companions and will need plenty of companionship and attention. Some trainers think that a lack of attention can lead to loneliness and excessive barking. No one likes a dog that will not keep quiet and your neighbors will certainly appreciate it.

Now that we know a little bit about where dachshund puppies come from and some idea of their training, let’s get into some tips you can apply right away.

5 Tips to a better dachshund puppy:

One of the first things to think about when considering any dog is to look at yourself and find a dog that matches you. A huge mistake that you want to avoid is thinking that getting a dog will help change you. They can be great companions but if you normally are not one for exercise and getting out doors, take this into account when searching for your dog. Dachshund puppies are very good at adapting and fit well with many different life styles.

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These dogs normally make terrific family pets. Companionship is important in life of all dachshund puppies and family life fits in well for these dogs. They serve as good little watch dogs as well. Their large ears are very well equipped to hear noises that are well beyond the human scope of hearing. They can get possessive of their toys and even certain individuals who they may develop an extra tight bond with. If dachshund puppies are not familiar with children and strangers, they may snap at or even bite. They have been known to respond defensively by snapping and growling if they feel uncomfortable or threatened.

Did You Know Dachshund Puppy Training is as Simple as One, Two, Three?

Dachshund puppies are sensitive to extreme hot and cold temperatures. Outside living may prove very uncomfortable for these dogs and is not normally recommended. Depending on where you live and the type of natural predators that may be found in your region, the dachshund may not be able to defend it self to the natives if approached by its lonesome. They do get along well and socialize with other dogs very easily so having other dogs in your pack is fine. When you have dogs such as mastiffs and German shepherds they can provide the needed muscle for any scrape your little hunting dachshund puppies will get into. They are very easily taken care of as an inside pet. They do not require much grooming and are light at shedding. These two traits make them a first choice for inside dog living.

They come in a variety of small sizes, coats, and colors. Dachshund puppies have an equal ability to bring very unique and individual personalities to match their difference in looks. If you are planning on having multiple dogs this means you can really have variety in appearance and characteristics.

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Stubbornness is one dominant personality trait of intelligent dogs. A good breed of dachshund puppies will show many signs of intelligence. Stubbornness is something that will best be overcame early on in the long life and this is where obedience training can make a big impact. Excessive barking can be an obvious sign of stubbornness

There is no doubt that dachshund puppies will bring a lot of joy to their owners as long as they are properly cared for. Any breed will require a good portion of money in the beginning for the correct veterinary visits and medication. Be sure to check that your dog has all of the necessary vaccinations. The vaccinations needed will depend on the region that you live and where your dachshund puppy is coming from. Any dog owner should seriously consider spaying or neutering their puppy. The proper care and medications will ensure a long lasting life for your new puppy.

Dachshund puppies make great pets and the decision to bring them into the family should be considered carefully. Overall this breed is fun loving, tenacious and makes a great companion. Be sure your puppy is properly socialized and they will be comfortable in all surroundings. Dachshund puppies are full of character and will provide laughter for many years.

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