Tips to Stop Your Border Collie From Jumping

cheerful jumping dog Border Collie the blue sky        - Image

With all their cuteness and bounciness, border collies come with many bad habits that can either ruin the belongings in your home as well as annoy you and your friends. Even if you have them trained, your border collie still has a lot of energy and he cannot consume if constantly kept inside the house. […]

[2020] Golden Retriever Puppy Training Guide

Golden Retriever Dog in a pile of Fall leaves        - Image

Golden retriever puppies are truly ‘golden’ in every sense of the word. Their furry glow and lovable personalities are simply addicting. Some say goldens are the perfect family dog. They get along with people, strangers, children, and other dogs and pets. Energetic and growing fast, golden puppies do require socialization and training when they are […]

Labrador Retriever Training – Quick Learners

Bathing of the yellow labrador retriever. Happiness dog taking a bath.

When it comes to Labrador retriever training it is a lot easier than any other dog. You did well in picking a dog that is eager to learn and happy to please, this makes them a highly trainable breed. From the basic commands to the more advanced tricks, these dogs are very intelligent and are […]

Why Are People So Bad At Pit Bull Training?


They don’t have persistence, self-control or time. Without possessing competence in these three principles you’ll have a difficult time teaching your dog. Time is quite possibly the most significant of the three. A lot of people often don’t grasp one, let alone all of these essential principles. Allow me to reveal to you an excellent […]