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Make Your Border Collie Dogs Training Fun!

When you are a dog owner you would obviously look forward to teach your dog some basic obedience and also train them in order to make sure they listen to you command. So train your border collie by giving them the perfect approach and positively incur the benefits. You must be sure to teach your dog what’s the right way and not punish or scold them often.

They are playful and lovable creatures so the more you love and praise them for what they have done is right they would abide by you no matter what. But yes there are of course certain aspects of such dog training where you should be able to have an enjoyable approach and not lose patience.

What you should do

Well to begin with you can teach your dogs basic commands when not to bark, to sit, to roll over, to walk on a leash, and pee and potty training. Border collie dogs are sensitive, loyal and when they learn you are their master they would always try to please you. You should make them understand then through treats or rewards that they should do what you are showing them to.

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You can also use a clicker in this case which is a noise making device, so that your border collie can identify with the sound and act how they have to. Encourage them for what their deed instead of restricting them if they made a mistake. Get rid of the clicker once they have learned your command and make them practice when said verbally. You can watch such dog training videos too and learned what’s best.

Your know-how

It is important for you to be committed to your border collie dogs training and if you are planning a fun time with them then playing with Frisbees would give you good cover. Throw your Frisbee up and instruct your border collie by making actions or even by using the clicker. They will run to fetch it and teach them not to chew it so that you can continue the process.

Your dog learns their basic obedience thus. But if you are training your border collie for herding purposes or any competition then you have to deal with word training. Verbal commands is something what they have to understand and you can use words like “fetch”, “stand up boy”, “pen”, “flank”, “outrun”, and “drive” and thus would instigate them to follow your command.

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In conclusion

Given the fact that they are animals who can be trained to suit your needs, you should be more susceptible to their unpredictable nature. You should keep your calm and if you are training more than one border collie then be sure to individually train them.

Border collie dogs can be exceptionally pleasing, can be useful for herding purposes and can be trained with a lot of zeal. You cannot count on rewards alone though but rectify their mistakes repeatedly. They would not develop bad habits and remain obedient.

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