Golden Retriever Training Tips You Need to Know

Know Excellent Golden Retriever Training Tips in One Minute

Golden Retrievers are one of the most common dogs around the world. Aside from the beautiful look, these dogs are very smart, energetic, and loyal. It is noticed that the Golden Retriever owners can train it themselves.

Yes, training a Golden Retriever dog is important because you will turn him/her into a well-behaved dog. For those who are a novice and less experienced, in this article, I provide Golden Retriever training tips that you can need. Look at here!!!

Watch out for Golden Retriever Training Tips to Follow Right Away

Something about Golden Retriever

What do you know about Golden Retriever? Being a new Goldie owner, you do not ignore this information. In particular, here are…

  • The basic characteristics: Have a large size, a long-coated breed, the optimum obedience standards, the high-survival instinct, the requirement of grooming, especially, at the season changes.
  • British-type Golden Retrievers: Have the lighter-colored coat, muscular bodies, and dominant endurance.
  • American-type Golden Retrievers: No more muscular and look lankier. Have the darker coat, moderate and lustrous feathering, and greatly-coordinated gait.
  • Canadian Golden Retrievers: In comparison with two types above, these Golden Retrievers look taller and have the coat with a darker color.
  • Temperament: Golden Retrievers are confident, kindly, and friendly. They are a typical dog for the activeness, but it is not short of the patient. Arguably, Golden Retrievers can peacefully live with other cats, and dogs.
  • Lifespan: Golden Retrievers has the relative lifespans within 11-12 years. They are easy to get the specific ailments. Consequently, require you to take them to a veterinarian so as to check few times in a year.

Golden Retriever Training Tips

It’s high time to start your training process. Pocket 12 tips following to reach the best result in Golden Retriever training.

#1 – Time to Start Training Your Golden Retriever

Not all Golden Retriever owners know when to begin their training. This is the first factor you need to know. Frequently, when your Golden Retriever gets 7 weeks old, the training process can start.

At that time, from his mom, he has learned a couple of lessons. And then, for the time being, he is ready to learn what you will teach. Because there are many things let him see and do, it is necessary to plan to attract his attention in a short time. Basically, reach him 5 basic commands, including, sit, stand, come, stay, and down.

#2 – Find a Name for Your Dog

After determining the proper training time, it’s high time to teach your dog, whose name is…

With the young dogs, you are very quick to teach them to know their name. But, in case you are training an older one, you should think some names. When you call him, what name he firstly responded will be his name. Don’t forget to pay attention to his reaction to your commands.

#3 – Start with Short Commands

It is difficult to remember a too-long command at the start of Golden Retriever training. Correspondingly, the best plan would be to use the short commands. For example, related to motions, you only need to say “Sit”, Stand”, etc. Like that, your puppy will be easier to understand.

#4 – Set up a Specific Schedule for Results

You should know that dogs’ attention span is not long. Consequently, you have not neglected him while you are training. It has to ensure that your achieved result has gradually increased throughout your training session.

Golden Retrievers cannot also get the best attention day after day. Occasionally, they will lose the concentration in few of the training sessions. If your puppy does not pay attention to any session, choose another day to continue. Your purpose is to help your pet acquire what you taught in a short time and makes sure the success of your training program.

Personally, I recommend that you ought to plan to train the short time in a day and evening. Every day, your training time is not over 20 minutes. And continue to teach him via daily experiences. Remember that this is not a job. Important to avoid interrupting your training session. Your pet also needs to have the break-time.

#5 – Teach Your Pet to Respect You

Has your dog learned how to respect you? Well, this is one of the important tips when training. It decides that your dog will obey you or not. So, have to ensure that you are a leader in his eyes, at all times. Taking a specific instance, when you tell him to lie, he will immediately follow your command.

Repeat again! Respecting you is the first lesson that any Golden Retriever must also learn. It helps avoid any hitch while training. To get this, you cannot lack the assertiveness and strong. Keep in mind!!!

#6 – Have Rewards

Golden Retriever training cannot always have no the epitomes; especially, there are the rewards. Accordingly, to give away of the hitches that occur in your training process, require you to figure out the suitable reward for your dog.

Of course, each of the dogs will have the different preference. Some like this while others do not. Therefore, you have to look for something that your puppy is actually enjoyable. By what means? Well, it is not difficult to get this information. Generally, dogs have tended to seek something while training. You may be based on there to find out the right reward for him.

 #7 – Old, But It Is Not Difficult to Train

Training any dog also needs to have the certain time. So do Golden Retrievers. Till require the refresher and time yours.

Few people think that adopting an adult Golden Retriever will save the time to train because he has had the certain social skills. It is not necessary. You ought to know that dogs cannot learn the right behavior themselves. From the families adopted them, dogs learn and know what their owner has taught.

If you adopt the adult dog been on the skills a time, you should rely on the specific example to teach him. By your love and friendliness, your dog will try to complete your commands to please you. Give him some actions of praising, rubbing, for example, when he succeeds an action.

#8 – Have the Obedience Training

To make sure the safety of your furry friend and help to avoid the not-good behavior, keep 3 obedience commands in mind.

There will have the Golden Retriever training to prevent the risks from your puppy. An instance of this is to call him return to prevent him from running into the street, by utilizing these commands per day. Start from calling his name and then accompany your statement.

  • His name, come!
  • His name, sit
  • His name, stand

Continuously, you have to reinforce these behaviors, by rewarding him, a toy or anything he likes. Don’t absolutely loud or threaten him in any action.

#9 – Wear a Collar

This is a vital section of the training process. Initially, you let keep a collar in a yard where your dog often plays. Ensure that he will see it.

Handle the collar in order that it has a familiar smell because he will not use the collar at the first, instead, he will sniff it. Now, fasten that collar around your dog’ neck. To make him distract, you allow him to play things he likes or throw a ball.

Don’t have to wear that collar through. A moment later, you can disassemble it out of his neck and it a position that he cannot reach it. Continue like that until he has gradually got used to wearing the collar.

Nonetheless, in case your puppy has the expressions, stress, excited, unhappy when wearing the collar, you likely skip this training.

#10 – Continue with Leash Training

Could your furry friend accept wearing the collar and enable you to leave it a moment? So, you can perform the leash training process.

Don’t directly put the leash on his neck immediately. Let him examine and smell it; then, attach it to the collar. Put that collar on his neck, but remember to hold the leash to avoid making him afraid. Maintain this training in a short time until he gets used to this.

#11 – Come with House Training

Saying to the house training, it does not often involve in Golden Retriever training because your dog might have learned this one before you adopt him.

Similar to the wolf ancestors theirs, according to the instinct, Golden Retrievers know what they should do, including relieving away from your home as well as their den, cleaning themselves their own scent to avoid the detection of the predators. Exactly, there is a survival instinct. You can choose the puppy pads, crates, or papers to create a den for your dog. Both you and your dog can be going to like this.

[2019] Golden Retriever Puppy Training Guide

#12 – Teach the Socialization

Your pet also needs to have the skills related to the socialization. Based on the characteristics of Golden Retrievers, the inquisition, and enthusiast, you can teach them the socialization, by promoting his behaviors.

Take him walking with you in the park. Just need to make sure the safety for him and avoid the scare while socializing whether the fact shows that Golden Retrievers are very friendly.

In a Nutshell

How? Do you remember all Golden Retriever training tips above? Thanks to the smart nature, Golden Retrievers will accept what you taught in a quick way.

Nevertheless, as previously stated, you may not be hurry and haste. Necessarily, you are always peaceful and patient. Don’t loud and avoid making your dog scare.

Golden Retriever training is a process. Need the time and refreshers. It is important that you must follow the certain order (as the order that I listed above). Start from what is considered the most basic. Prioritize your dog’s favorite things. And finally, reward every when he complete any action.

The last words, it hopes that my article is useful for you. I believe that your puppy will learn the nice things taught if you keep these things in mind. Happy training enjoy!!!!

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