Yorkshire Terrier portrait on blooming dandelion meadow

Dog Breeds – Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

Yorkshire Terriers are probably one of the most popular lapdog breeds. Originating in Europe, and named after their place of origin, these animals were specifically bred to fit the increased rat population in Briton. Through selective breeding, they have evolved into a miniature version of their ancestors.

The Yorkie we know today was made popular as aristocratic parlor pets and was first brought to the USA in the mid 1800s. They have continued to enjoy the “pampered pet” status ever since. You will see these little dogs being toted around by many celebrities.

A Yorkshire Terrier is in the “toy breed” class standing approximately 6-7 inches tall and weighing up to 7 pounds.

It’s main features are:

Small head that is flat on top

Black nose and dark eyes

Long steel blue coat from the neck back

Tan or golden colored hair on the head, chest and lower legs

Pointed v-shaped ears

Straight back

Short tail (docked) that is held slightly higher than the body

Like humans, a Yorkie’s hair continues to grow. These dogs require daily grooming. Their long silky hair should be brushed daily and oiled occasionally to prevent it from getting brittle and breaking. The hair should be parted down the length of the back and fall straight down both sides.

The Yorkshire Terrier is not easily house trained and requires a good bit of training to prevent them from developing bad behaviors. You must firmly establish leadership over the animal or they tend to become yappy and jealous, snapping at strangers and demanding. If trained properly, they are very affectionate and loyal companions. They are extremely intelligent but a bit stubborn. There is a tendency to allow this animal to have it’s own way because it is so tiny and cute. If this happens, the dog will quickly establish itself as the leader of your pack and you will not enjoy the results.

This breed is meant to be an indoor pet. They do not handle cold temperatures well. The Yorkie is not a good pet for households with children. Not so much because of the animal’s temperament, but because they are very small, fine boned animals and young children could harm the dog through rough treatment. Therefore, you should never leave this dog alone with children.

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